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Don’t let your loved one's happiest memories be forgotten.
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  • You will receive a See My Life medallion 35 x 60 mm in size made of durable aluminium. 
  • On the back of the medallion will be an adhesive strip. Peel off the paper and fix the medallion to the headstone or memorial. Be sure to clean the surface before fixing the adhesive to the surface. 

When you receive your medallion by mail it will already be linked to your eTribute page. You can start uploading information to the eTribute page as soon as you purchase your medallion and create an account. You do not need to wait for the medallion to arrive in the mail. After you have finished uploading all the information to the eTribute page, simply scan the medallions QR code to see the eTribute page live on the internet. 

During the sign up process you will create an account using your email address and a password. After you verify your email address you can login and start uploading all your images, eulogies and other information.

Shipping time will depend on which country you are located in. For Australian orders you should receive your medallion within 5 business days. For US orders expect between 5 to 10 business days.

See My Life offers a lifetime replacement warranty on all medallions. Simply email support@seemylife.com.au and tell us what the issue is and provide the email address associated with your See My Life account. 

How does it work?

Step 1

Upload your loved ones happiest memories in images, videos, eulogies & social media to an eTribute memorial page.

Step 2

Attach the aluminum QR code medallion we mail you, to your loved one’s headstone or plaque using the strong adhesive strip included.

Step 3

Allow anyone visiting your loved one to scan the QR code medallion with their smartphone and see your loved ones happiest memories.

What's included

QR Code Medallion

eTribute Page

All information is non-mandatory, so add as much or as little information as you want!

Got Questions?

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Example Memorial eTribute Pages

Upload images, videos and your loved ones happiest memories to a memorial eTribute page.

Scan Me and see the eTribute page

Scan Me and see the eTribute page


An absolute sensational idea that can be added to a traditional Memorial or plaque to reflect your loved ones life in personal detail and colour.

Read More

Too often we see information and pictures on existing Memorials that show us a glimpse of our loved ones in their later years, but we forget all those special detailed memories and achievements of a life well lived that can now be shared in colorful detail with a QR code for generations to come.

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The QR code works really well and is very unobtrusive on the plaque. A quick scan takes you directly to the website and we can see memories of Shannon

Read More

through the photos and videos we selected, the eulogy from his funeral and comments that his friends and family have left and can leave in the future.

Read Less

I will be installing this plaque over a niche in the memorial wall at Cobar Cemetery . My great great grandfather is buried in an unmarked plot there.

Read More

It’s great to be able to honour our distant relatives in this way. I’m hoping that visitors to the cemetery will be able to access his story.

Read Less

Before I found ‘See My Life’ eTribute I was worried that I didn’t have sufficient technical knowledge to set up the website that I wanted to have.

Read More

I needed to be able to share family history information with other family members: they needed to be able to access my site and add to it. The ‘See My Life’ eTribute has everything I need - my own website, with its unique QR code, pre-formatted to accept text, photos and videos, uploaded by me or anyone that I send the link and logins to.

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