Gravestone QR Codes

The team at See My Life work with stonemasons, memorial plaque providers and funeral homes everyday. As such we have come across lots of questions people ask about Gravestone qr codes.

Here are a few questions and answers we hope will help you. Feel free to ask us any other questions you may have by visiting this page

What is a Gravestone QR?

A gravestone QR is a QR code which is attached to a gravestone. Its primary purpose is to allow more information to be told about the deceased person’s life. A regular gravestone will only allow for a small amount of text to be written about the deceased person. By including a QR code on the gravestone using a medallion or having it engraved gives you lots more options. 

What information can be included on a gravestone QR?

The options are endless really. Whatever can be included on a web page can be used. Most families upload eulogies, images, videos, condolence messages, the deceased person’s social media accounts and other information about the funeral

Can the funeral streaming link be added to the gravestone QR code?

Yes. The gravestone QR code can include the funeral streaming link for use by friends and family who cannot attend the funeral, and also added as a video recording for others to view in the future.

What types of gravestones can a QR code be used on?

The most common types of gravestone which a QR code can be added on are marble, stone and granite.

How can the QR code be added to the gravestone?

There are 3 ways to add the QR code. One – attach a medallion with the QR code on it to the gravestone. Two – have the QR code engraved on the gravestone using a laser engraver. Three – have the QR code sandblasted onto the gravestone. Please note for this option the size of the QR code must be larger to allow your smartphone’s camera to read the QR code.

How large must the QR code be on the gravestone?

It’s recommended the QR code be a minimum of 0.39 inches (1 cm) for smartphone cameras to read the QR code. Obviously the larger the QR code is the easier it will be for the smartphone camera to read it.

What happens if the QR code is damaged on the gravestone?

A QR code can be damaged up to about 30% and still be scanned by a smartphone. This will vary depending on the damage and the surface.

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