Where on the gravestone should I position the QR code?

Our clients ask us this question often. There is no right or wrong answer but what we tell our clients is to consider a few things before deciding on where to position the QR code on the gravestone or headstone. 

1. How prominent do you want the QR code to be in relation to the other information on the gravestone?

We recommend positioning the QR code medallion in either of the 4 corners of the gravestone. Usually the bottom right corner is the most popular.  

2. Does water lay or pool anywhere on the gravestone which could cover the QR code?

For longevity you do not want the QR code medallion to be immersed in water for extended periods of time. This could reduce the adhesive elements of the medallion.

3. Will the groundskeeper at the cemetery touch the QR code when cutting the grass around the gravestone?

Thinking about where potential grass could grow around the gravestone and ensuring any portion of the QR code is not close to that grass, will reduce the risk of the QR code being damaged by the groundskeepers lawn equipment.

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