Frequently Asked Questions

Indefinitely as long as See My Life continues to operate.

When you receive your medallion by mail it will already be linked to your eTribute page. You can start uploading information to the eTribute page as soon as you purchase your medallion and create an account. You do not need to wait for the medallion to arrive in the mail. After you have finished uploading all the information to the eTribute page, simply scan the medallions QR code to see the eTribute page live on the internet.

Yes, just login at any time and edit the information you need to or add extra information.

We use world class Amazon Web Hosting.

You can add links to videos you have uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo. Make sure the videos are set to anyone with the link can view.

To purchase 2 See My Life accounts under the same login details you will need to do the following –
  • Purchase one account first
  • Once you are logged into the “eTribute page & QR code” section of the dashboard there is a button called “buy new subscription” which will allow you purchase another account. 
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