Frequently Asked Questions

Grave Marker QR code & eTribute page

QR code & eTribute page only

The eTribute web page containing all your loved ones information is created by our website after you upload all of their information. This is done instantly after you publish the page.

Yes, just login at any time and edit the information you need to or add extra information.

The QR code is inscribed onto the gravestone or plaque by your stonemason so it will last as long as the inscription in the headstone is legible.

Once you upload all the information about your loved one to the eTribute page and publish it, the QR code will automatically be generated by the system. You can then download the QR code and email it to your funeral home or stonemason.

Yes. If you do not have a stonemason or engraver who is able to do this, we can put you in contact with a reputable stonemason or engraver who is familiar with the process.

Yes absolutely. You will have a login for the eTribute page and corresponding QR code with the ability to login and update information as you wish to.

No we do not make funeral videos but you can upload video youtube links which contain photos and music put together to the eTribute page.
Our See My Life service allows you to keep all the wonderful memories gathered for the funeral in one place, so they can live on as a tribute to your loved one who passed away.

Indefinitely as long as See My Life continues to operate.

No additional hosting costs apply. You pay once and that’s it.

See My Life for pets is sold exclusively through our network of Retailers and Partners.

We use world class Amazon Web Hosting.

You can add links to videos you have uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo. Make sure the videos are set to anyone with the link can view.

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