Show your pets happiest memories

Create a Memorial eTribute page with a
linked QR code

See My Life for Pets

See My Life for pets allows grieving families to upload their pets happiest memories in images and videos to a memorial eTribute page with an automatically linked QR code. 

Download the QR code and have it engraved on a plaque. Scan the QR code with your smart phone and see your pets happiest memories.

Example Memorial eTribute Pages

Purchase a Pet QR Code & eTribute page and have your own plaque supplier engrave the QR code on your plaque. 

What’s Included?

  • Pets name
  • Date/Year of birth
  • Date passed away
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Favourite humans
  • Favourite place
  • Favourite food
  • Nicknames
  • Family
  • Up to 100 Images
  • Eulogy or life story
  • Links to videos on youtube or vimeo
  • Tribute messages
  • Share the page on social media
  • Dedicated page URL
  • Dedicated dynamic QR code
  • Fill out as much or as little information as you want
  • Login and update the page


$ 55
5 Years

30 day Money Back Guarantee

Example Memorial eTribute Pages

Scan Me and see the eTribute page

Memorials for Pets

Purchase a plaque for your beloved pet from one of our retailers or partners and have them engrave your pets See My Life QR code on it. See some examples below of our retailers and partners pet plaques with QR codes included.

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