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Planet Engraving

Planet Engraving is a See My Life approved retailer providing Stainless Steel Plaques with engraved photos, QR codes and linked Memorial eTribute Pages.

Their fiber laser engraved, marine grade stainless steel plaques come with a lifetime warranty. They include an engraved photo, name, dates and a See My Life QR code. The QR code comes with an automatically linked Memorial eTribute Page, which your customers can login to and upload images, videos and other information.

Planet Engraving Reseller Program

Planet Engraving provides a business to business reseller program enabling the sale of their Stainless Steel memorial plaques with See My Life QR codes engraved. They offer competitive wholesale pricing, multiple sizes and shipping to Australia and New Zealand.

How does it work?

Step 1

Resell their plaques with QR code/eTribute pages on your website

Step 2

Take orders & payments directly on your website or manually

Step 3

Submit the orders to Planet Engraving for fulfillment and shipping

Request more information about pricing and how you can resell Planet Engraving’s plaques with See My Life QR code/eTribute pages on your website.

Memorials for People

Memorials for Pets

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