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QR Codes on Gravestones

See My Life for Gravestones allows grieving families to upload their loved ones happiest memories in images and videos to a memorial eTribute page with an automatically linked QR code.

Download the QR code and have it engraved on their gravestone by your Stone Mason. Scan the QR code with your smartphone and see your loved ones’ happiest memories.

Examples of QR Codes on Gravestones

Gravestones not included

Engraving QR Codes on Gravestones

Here are our recommendations based on the experience of our clients engraving QR Codes on gravetones. Please note we do not get involved in the engraving process at all and recommend you rely on the advice of your Stonemason or engraver. 


We recommend the diameter of the QR code be engraved no smaller than 30 mm


Position the QR code on the gravestone where water will not pool on top of it


Laser engraving provides the best scanning for smartphones


Seek the advice of your Stonemason for marble & stone gravestones

What’s Included?

  • Downloadable QR Code
  • Name & Date of birth
  • Date passed away
  • Age
  • Hometown
  • Funeral location
  • Funeral date and time
  • Funeral streaming link
  • Cemetery location map
  • Family members names
  • Up to 100 Images
  • Eulogy or life story
  • Links to videos on youtube or vimeo
  • Tribute messages
  • Your loved one social media accounts
  • Share the page on your social media
  • Dedicated dynamic QR code
  • Fill out as much or as little information as you want


$ 99
5 years

30 day Money Back Guarantee

Example Memorial eTribute Pages

Scan Me and see the eTribute page

Example Memorial eTribute Pages

Scan Me and see the eTribute page

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